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  • “You’ve got mail!” A look at e-commerce’s impact on South Florida
    By Gian Rodriguez, Director, Industrial Brokerage Services That simple phrase brought a smile to the masses in the late ‘90s each time they dialed-in to AOL and heard those three wonderful words that welcomed you into the 56K modem world of the internet. Today, that same emotion is often evoked via a... Read more »
  • Last Mile: Florida as a Leading E-Commerce Market
    By Florida Research Manager: Part 2 of our Last Mile series looks at how Florida is in the forefront of shifting retail landscapes and service deliveries. . As the retail buying experience moves more online, the connections between retailers and consumers are critical to the success of many e-commerce companies. “Last... Read more »
  • Asset Services’ Plan that Diminished Hurricane Irma’s Impact on Florida Assets
    By Tim Rivers, Senior Managing Director – Asset Services, Florida Have a plan. Practice the plan. Execute the plan. That was the mindset of all 270 Cushman & Wakefield Florida Asset Services team members as we prepared our 44.5-million-square-foot management portfolio for Hurricane Irma’s landfall in early September. Our plan is a direct... Read more »
  • How Does Florida Fit Into Global Supply Chains?
    The 2017 Florida Logistics Report highlights how Florida fits into global supply chains. The report examines all of Florida’s major markets (Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Lakeland, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade). Here are key questions raised from the report: How do Florida’s separate markets fit into the overall trade network? Do the... Read more »
  • Puerto Rican Diaspora : Migration Flows to Florida & Economic Effects
    By Chris Owen | Florida Marketing Manager Migration Impact on Labor Hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean in September causing widespread destruction to several islands. Puerto Rico took a direct hit with the island’s infrastructure crippled. A month out and less than 15% of residents still have no power, water is scarce... Read more »
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